What separates Ace Records Retrieval from its competition?

At Ace Records Retrieval, we strive to have the best quality product, excellent customer service, and quick turnaround time.  Our entire staff undergoes an intensive training period before being allowed to service our clients, making our employees the most qualified researchers in New Jersey.  This allows us to continually deliver the best product of any competition, resulting in satisfied clients and lasting partnerships.

Can you match my current search fee?

We are confident in our ability to match your current search fee while delivering a superior product.  Our pricing structure is flexible and is based on the following criteria:

  • Volume

  • Hit Ratios

  • Technical Integration

How do you maintain an average turnaround time of less than 24 hours?

Ace employs a team of in-house researchers that are able to provide exceptional service straight from county superior courts throughout New Jersey.  We operate on a secure wireless software platform that enables us to return results quickly and accurately.  

Do you offer expedited turnaround time?


Several of our current clients take advantage of our expedited turnaround time package.  When utilizing this package our researchers will print orders directly at the courthouse in efforts to expedite our turnaround time for orders consisting of records or not.  Results are often returned within an hour or two during business hours.  Overall average turnaround time ranges between 2-6 hours.

Are you integrated with background screening software platforms?

Our staff is trained to expertly navigate the following platforms: TazWorks, Deverus, DigitalDelve, ClearStar, Accio Data, FRS (Note: Ace Records Retrieval maintains its own platform and participates in custom integrations.)