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Ace Records Retrieval LLC is a wholesale background check company that specializes in providing criminal and civil records direct from county superior courts throughout the state of New Jersey and Delaware. 


Our team is comprised of seasoned experts with extensive knowledge of the New Jersey and Delaware court system. Each member of our staff undergoes continual training to ensure the most up-to-date product is returned to our clients. 

By directly controlling the records check process through on-site researchers across the state, we are able to maintain our strict security and reporting protocols that provide customers with an exceptional product and peace of mind.


We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with a custom-tailored service package that is priced to fit their needs. By utilizing our drive for knowledge, perfection, and the desire to build a safer tomorrow, we are able to expertly navigate the continually changing court system. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we will deliver the best quality results with the top speed and accuracy in the industry.

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