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ACE Expungements

What is an expungment?


When an individual is arrested, or charged with any non-traffic offense, that person receives a criminal record. At a minimum, there is a record of an arrest.  If that person is later convicted, then the individual has a record of both an arrest and a conviction.


Even if the charges were dropped by means of being found Not Guilty, Pretrial Intervention Completion, Conditional Discharge, or just dismissed then a criminal record still exists and must be disclosed to potential employers if requested.  If an individuals’ record is expunged, it is hidden from public view. For legal/potential employment purposes, it is as though the events described within the expunged record never occurred. In most cases, a person may say that he or she was not arrested or convicted of a crime when seeking employment, housing, etc.


In most cases, to begin the expungement process will only require one meeting where a legal expert from our team will need documents signed to be filed and notarized.  Most likely this will be the only action necessary to be taken from that point on our legal experts will be able to complete the entire expungement process until the entire NJ criminal record is cleared.  The process from filing the expungement petition to getting it granted typically takes 4-6 months, however some courts are more backed up then others and the process may take over longer.


To be certain you are eligible for a criminal record expungment view the eligibility guide below, which lists the requirements for a NJ criminal record expungment.

                                 Eligibility Form (Criminal Records in NJ)

In New Jersey certain convictions, including some felonies, cannot be expunged. There are
important limits as to what convictions can be expunged. Records regarding convictions of
the following seventeen crimes are ineligible:

1. Criminal Homicide (Except Death by Auto);        11. Perjury
2. Kidnapping;                                           
        12. False swearing or perjury
3. Luring or Enticing;                               
           13. Human Trafficking
4. Aggravated Sexual Assault;                   
          14. Causing or Permitting a Child to Engage in
5. Aggravated Criminal Sexual Contact;                        Pornography
6. Criminal Sexual Contact (if victim is a minor); 
  15. Selling of Manufacturing Child                  7. Criminal Restraint;                                                   Pornography
8. Robbery ;                                                      
 16. Knowingly/Promoting the Prostitution of the
9. Endangering the Welfare of a Child                          Actor’s Child

   (based on sexual contact);                                 17. Producing or Possession Chemical Weapons;
10. Terrorism Biological Agents or Nuclear or

     Radiological Devices

Motor vehicle records: Additionally, motor vehicle offenses cannot be expunged. This
includes DUIs. DUIs are not expugnable in the state of NJ because they are not a criminal
offense. They will not affect your eligibility for a criminal record expungment.
Waiting period: To be eligible for expungement, there are three tests: (1) the offense; (2) the
number and nature of offenses; (3) how long ago the offense occurred. The following chart
summarizes what and when criminal records can be expunged:

Offense                                                Eligibility                                           Waiting Period

Indictable Offense                     1 conviction, plus up to 2 disorderly                           6/5 years from date
                                           persons convictions supervision completed

Disorderly Persons Offense                Up to 2 offenses, provided no                              5 years from date
(Includes Petty DO Offenses)    no criminal convictions supervision completed

Municipal Ordinance                       No limit, provided no criminal                                2 years from date
                                        record and no more than 2 supervision completed
                                                  disorderly persons convictions

Juvenile Delinquency                          All records, except those that                             5 years from date
                                                     are of the 17 ineligible committed                        supervision completed
                                                                   by an adult

Young Drug Offender                         No limit if for possession or use                           No waiting period
                                                                       of CDS                                           generally for Dismissal
                                                                                                                                as a results of a   
                                                                                                                             diversion – 6 months*

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